Saturday, July 22, 2017

Sunday Spotlight: BEST Setting Powders (Drugstore & High-End)

I get asked questions about concealers and setting powders ALL THE TIME.  Like, which ones are the best? Are you or are you not supposed to set them? Do you have to set it every single time? What setting powders do you use? Why are some colored? What's the difference between translucent and colorless powder? And what's the deal with "banana" powder?

The good news is I covered my favorite concealers in previous posts, you can read them HERE and HERE.  The other [even better] news is that today I am going to cover my favorite setting powders, ranging from drugstore to high end. I'll even go as far as to explain why I love them and when it is best to use them!

1.  LA Girl Pro Setting Powder in "Banana" ($6) - It is inexpensive, finely milled, has no scent, has a yellow tint, and is available at Ulta for under $10. It is best for brightening your under eye if they're dull and/or you have tan to dark skin (white is too light).

2. Covergirl Advanced Radiance Age-Defying Pressed Powder ($9) - It is inexpensive, conveniently pressed into a compact (good for traveling), has a light scent, comes in a variety of skin tones, and is widely available in a number of stores.  I like this best for subtle illumination and extra coverage under my eyes.

3. RCMA No Color Powder ($12) - It is middle of the road in terms of price and you do get A LOT of product, ultra finely milled (think: consistency of powdered sugar), has no scent, and has a hint of white. This is best for fair skin and works well for baking all areas of your face. Only downside is the packaging... A parmesan shaker-esque package makes ZERO SENSE for setting powder. Totally inconvenient and annoying.

4. Kat Von D Lock-It Brightening Powder ($25) - It is definitely on the expensive end of the spectrum, it is finely milled, has a slight pink tint, has no scent, and is completely VEGAN and
CRUELTY-FREE! This is used for for additional under-eye coverage and counter-acting dark circles.

5. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder ($38) - I could not post about setting powders without mentioning the OG; the powder that started it all.  Yes, it is wildly expensive but it IS as good as everyone says.  It is not as finely milled as others, has no scent, and is truly multi-purpose: setting concealer, baking, additional coverage, and brightening.

** I hope this helps!  What's your favorite setting powder? Leave it in the comments XOXO **

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