Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Review Day Tuesday: Savvy Mineral Makeup by Young Living

You may or may not remember that a couple months ago, I posted about Young Living's Purification Oil being MY HOLY GRAIL acne spot treatment (in case you need a refresher, click HERE). However, it's not the only essential oil that I love.  I'm not sure if I ever publicly told the story about how my obsession with essential oils began so let me give you some background info: my adorable, sweet, baby girl, Sophie Luna, is a rather high-maintenance pup... She has severe allergies, Familial Shar Pei Fever (google it), and epilepsy, all of which exacerbate one another. Basically what I'm saying is that she is a hot mess 24/7.  We are in and out of the vets office almost weekly.  A whole month is just shy of a miracle for us.

When I went to seek help to make sure I was doing everything in MY power to give this dog the highest quality of life possible, the first thing the holistic vet suggested I do was remove some potential irritants by throwing away everything "toxic" in the house.  To which I responded, "I don't own anything toxic!" And what she said next would forever change the way I lived: floor cleaners, dishwashing liquid, air fresheners, laundry detergent, fabric refreshers, even standard candles contained toxic ingredients that could cause inflammation in dogs with sensitive immune systems...

SAY WHAT?! You mean to tell me every single thing I currently use to clean literally every aspect of my home is TOXIC?!  Instantly, I was in a frenzy to throw every cleaning supply I owned in the trash. I ditched it all that day.  But now the cabinets were bare, I had laundry piling up, and the house started to smell like dog.  And I had no way to clean any of it.  *Cue Essential Oils* My sister had just started selling them at the time and suggested I give all of YL's non-toxic, organic, cleaning products a try... and the rest is history.

More recently, because of this revelation, I began questioning beauty products.  If you don't have the app "Think Dirty," you're missing out! You can scan almost any product in your house and it tells you how toxic it is on a scale of 1-10! Truthfully, some of the stuff used in beauty products is totally unacceptable, and what's worse is it's legal! So I began creating some of my own hair and skin care using essential oils: lip scrub, shampoo, makeup remover, pimple treatments, etc. All of which worked GREAT and of course, had ingredients I could feel good about putting on my sensitive skin! So it made sense that when Young Living launched their very own makeup line, Savvy Minerals, I HAD to try it!  While some of the price tags made me crap my pants a bit, the quality ingredients and performance justified the price (in my opinion).  So without further adieu, here's a list of MUST-HAVES from Savvy Minerals:

1. Foundation Powder ($44) - This is by far my favorite product, which surprised me the most because I have dry skin and powder foundations have always, and most likely will continue to be absolute NOs in my book, but this is the ONLY exception! PRO TIP: I spritzed a big fluffy brush with YL's LavaDerm (an ultra-gentle, after-sun spray) to dampen it, then swirled the brush in the cap to grab product! It gave the powder a light-medium coverage and went on like a dream.

2. Diamond Veil ($45) - My second favorite product from the collection:  It is a loose, shimmery, almost iridescent powder that can be used to set the whole face but personally, I like it best as a highlighter.  It is unlike any other powder I have ever used: it's beautiful, subtle, glowy, but doesn't appear powdery.

3. Bronzer in "Summer Loved" ($28) - The darker of the two shades offered, I was skeptical this would work for me and when I first glanced at the product, my initial thought was, "Glitter in my bronzer? ehh...😐 no thank you!" but what amazed me was how beautiful it looked! The glitter particles blended away completely and it gave a very healthy, bronzed glow to my skin with a hint of sheen. Super beautiful finish!

I tried the lipgloss and eyeshadows as well (swatches below) and if you like subtle and/or are especially concerned with not putting potentially dangerous ingredients around your mouth and eyes, these are definitely for you! My sister loves using"Wanderlust" for a beaming highlight! Personally, I like Senegence's ShadowSense and LipSense better but overall, these products are AMAZING!

** If you're interested in trying any of the products listed above, my Young Living distributor number is 2938648 and I would be happy to add any of them to my monthly order for you! ** 

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