Wednesday, July 5, 2017

First Impressions Friday: Empties- Will I Repurchase? [PART ONE]

I've seen a lot of these "Empties" videos surfacing lately on YouTube - which in case you don't know, is essentially people going through their beauty-related garbage and letting you know whether or not they would repurchase a product now that they've used it in its entirety - and thought it might be cool to do one for my blog.  I have been saving empty product containers for the past few months and realized I had A LOT so I decided to split this into two parts: Skincare and Makeup/Hair Care.  Today, we are tackling skincare.

So without further adieu, let's do some trash pickin'!

Dove Purely Pampering Coconut Milk with Jasmine Petals Body Wash - I rotate between three body washes: this one, Dove Deep Moisture, and St. Ives Oatmeal and Shea Butter... I don't know if you're sensing a trend here, but I want ALL the hydration. I have chronically dry skin so using a soap that strips me of my natural oils is a no-go.  These three are my tried and true gentle washes that I absolutely loooooove!

Leanne Grace Beauty Blissful Body Butter - Introduced to me by the Queen, Jaclyn Hill, I decided to give these a whirl. Fun fact: I am a lotion & body butter addict so someone suggests one, I buy it. Period. I got the Limited-Edition Christmas scents, Vanilla Spice and Creamy Peppermint, and really liked them.  Did I think they were life changing? Nah.  But I did appreciate the all-organic ingredients and beautiful packaging.  Would I repurchase? Yeah, probably.  Do I need it immediately? No.

DERMAdoctor KP Duty Body Scrub - I have been using this scrub for almost TEN YEARS and it's something I cannot live without.  It's medicated body scrub to help get rid of a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris aka chicken skin.  Many people have it: it is a series of tiny, unsightly red bumps typically found on the upper part of the arm.  Sound familiar? If yes, and it makes you self-conscious like it does me, use this!

Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse - I reviewed this along with the Pixi Glow Tonic (another product I used up) and a couple others from this line a few weeks ago. You can read the full review HERE.  The skinny? Yes, I would repurchase both of them.

FRESH Black Tea Age-Delay Cream - I used this as my nighttime moisturizer instead of my holy grail, Belif Moisture Bomb, for about two months.  It is ultra-hydrating, smells like cucumbers, and makes the skin firmer and more supple.  HOWEVER, it is $90.  As in, ten dollars shy of a hundred.... Yeah, so before you shit your pants at the price tag, don't. Because it's definitely not worth that price.  The Belif Moisture Bomb is less than half the cost for the same amount of product and frankly works better, so I will continue to repurchase that instead.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream - Again, tried to be bougie and use this in place of my Belif Aqua Bomb as a daytime moisturizer... but hated it. Not only is it ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY EIGHT DOLLARS (don't worry, I got the full-size as a free gift with the purchase of laser hair removal package) but how much fragrance they put in it is nauseating and it stings a little.  Not to mention, I did not see a pinch of difference in my skin. It made for an alright primer, though.

DHC Coenzyme Q Lotion - I love this. I love this. I love this. I love this.  Read more HERE.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil - This product causes the ultimate dilemma: price vs. budget. The single greatest oil I have ever used at the highest price I have ever paid... $105 for 1.0 fl oz.  Will I buy it again? Probably. Reluctantly.  But you can't beat it.  It is every bit incredible as it promises.

** I hope this saves ya a couple bucks on the high ticket items you just don't need, and helps you find some troublesome skin solutions! What are you most excited about it?! Leave a comment XOXO **

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