Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Review Day Tuesday: Battle of the Sheet Masks!

It's here friends! I know how much y'all LIVE for these, so I am happy to oblige.

Today's topic: Sheet Masks. But this time, I wanted to up the ante.  Not the average 5 products, no no no. That would not suffice, considering the absolutely INSANE number of sheet masks on the market... So I went BIG!  8 Masks, EIGHT! From 8 Brands! Ranging in price from $1-$25 PER MASK! So, who will come out on top?! Let's find out in today's BATTLE OF THE SHEET MASKS!

With SO MANY options to choose from and prices ranging from dollar tree to 5th ave, it really boils down to one question, "which one really works?"

LOOK NO FURTHER FRIENDS! Today, I will provide you with a definitive answer.

I surveyed friends and family about what they look for in a sheet mask to come up with the criteria for this test (you know, to eliminate my own personal bias and what not - just like in other BOT blog posts, which you can read HERE) and they all agreed on the following:

1. Cost - Is it absurdly expensive? If so, is it justified with high-quality ingredients / lasting results?
2. Application- Does it apply easily and does it fit well?
3. Saturation - Is the mask highly saturated so that it stays damp the entire time it's on my face?
4. Scent - Is the product pleasantly scented or will I gag trying to leave this on my face for an extended period of time?

Since my biggest skin concerns are dehydration, fine lines, and texture, I purchased EIGHT best-selling moisturizing/luminous/firming masks from various popular brands and I've listed the details of my picks below, from least to most expensive:

Studio 35 Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Sheet Mask ($1.50) -
PROS - inexpensive, easily accessible (available at any Walgreens nationwide), saturated mask, okay scent
CONS - mask dried out quickly, didn't hydrate long-term or yield any significant results, the fit of this mask was an absolute nightmare

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb The Super Hydrating Mask ($2.99) -
PROS - inexpensive, easily accessible (available at any drugstore), super saturated mask, pleasant scent, moisturizing
CONS - burned like a mother trucker (couldn't last the full 15minutes), and it broke me out afterwards

TonyMoly Hydrating Snail Mask ($5) -
PROS - inexpensive. luxurious gold-gel mask, super saturated, feels incredible on the skin, ultra-hydrating
CONS - very difficult to find (got mine on Ebay - sold out everywhere else), the smell is eh, and the mask is in two pieces and while the top half fit amazing, the bottom half continued sliding down my face even though I was laying down

Too Cool For School Firming Mask ($6) -
PROS - average cost, super saturated, mask fit well, actually minimized pores and reduced texture, serum layered well under daytime moisturizer, smells amazing
CONS - only available at Sephora

BELIF Aqua Bomb Sheet Mask ($8) -
PROS - hydrating, smells nice, reduced texture, cool packaging
CONS - expensive end of the spectrum, cool packaging - "But you said that's a pro?" Yeah. initially I thought the concept of a mask, in a bag, that you have to pop in order to saturate the mask helped keep everything fresher and it was unique.  Neat idea. Terrible execution.  When I popped the bag, the liquid did not evenly distribute across the sheet mask. Therefore, leaving parts of my face with something to be desired.  I love all things BELIF... except this mask.

Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle 24K GOLD Intense Wrinkle Sheet Mask ($12) -
PROS - luxurious gold-gel mask, super saturated, feels incredible on the skin, ultra-hydrating, actually firming, easily accessible (available at Ulta & Sephora)
CONS - expensive (totally worth the money)

Dr. Jart + Hydration Lover Rubber Mask ($12) -
PROS - unique application / mask texture, hydrating
CONS - expensive, deceiving packaging - "But you said that it was unique?" Yes, it is.  It's a two step system where you apply a jelly-like substance on your face and cover it with a rubbery sheet mask. However, the rubber mask looks NOTHING like the rubber mask on the package.  And worse, it feels like a wet mop is sitting on your face. It completely grossed me out.

Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask ($25) -
PROS - luxurious cooling-gel mask, saturated, the most hydrating of all the masks (skin felt smooth and soft even 24 hours later), actually firming
CONS - wildly expensive, not easily accessible (my local Sephora didn't carry the single masks in store so I had to purchase them online... after they came back in stock because they had previously sold out)

And the winner is ... 

It's a TIE!

Why?  While the Peter Thomas Roth mask was actually my favorite, for all the reasons listed above, it is definitely more expensive.  And to think people could afford to use this even once a week for months on end, would equate to hundreds of dollars a year. As much as I love beauty products, that's even hard for me to swallow.  The Egg Cream Mask by Too Cool For School is an excellent alternative, definitely a close second, especially at much more affordable price.

Today's Takeaway? I do think sheet masks have proved to be one of those products where the more you spend, the higher the quality actually is. Improved hydration, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, and lasting hydration does come at a higher price tag.

** I hope this helps you find the sheet mask of your dreams and gives you the skin you've always wanted! What did you think of this battle?! Leave it in the comments below XOXO **

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