Sunday, July 30, 2017

Full Face of Waterproof, Smudge-Proof Makeup!

Let's face it guys, it is Summer. There is a lot of sweating, swimming, sunshine, and showering happening right now.  So we need makeup that doesn't BUDGE all day long.  Lucky for you, I have found the answer to our makeup prayers! And it is SENEGENCE!

I've already reviewed their infamous lip product, LipSense (you can read the full review HERE), but I recently also tried a large variety of products from their makeup line - all of which claim to be waterproof - and put them to the test! I wore them to the gym, through a nap, walking around Florida humidity in July, and even IN THE SHOWER! Yes, I went there (Live on FB might I add! You can watch that endeavor HERE).

Although I do sell Senegence makeup, I will still be giving you an ultra-honest review on each individual product, like you've come to expect from my blog & reviews. I will also being sharing some application tips, prices, and how they compare to other non-waterproof makeup.  LETS GET STARTED!

Silk Pore and Wrinkle Minimizer ($60) - this primer smells AMAZING! It reminds me of Biolage Shampoo, which is one of my favorite scents ON EARTH! I also like how moisturizing it is.  I'm not sure about pore minimizing, it's not silicone-based so it doesn't fill in pores the way that Benefit's Porefessional does, but I can feel it firming / tightening my skin throughout the day.

MakeSense Foundation in Dewy ($50) - y'all I got in the shower with this on and it DID NOT MOVE! If you buy ANYTHING from this review, make sure it is THIS! I know it's expensive but honestly, I use less of this than any other foundation because a little goes a long way and it has high-end skin care infused in it, ALL WHILE BEING WATERPROOF!

SenseCosmetics Color Corrective Concealer in Natural ($25) - this looks so pink in the container, so much so that I was ready to return it prior to ever using it because I thought it would never work for me but BOY WAS I WRONG! It blends out like a dream. Probably the product that surprised me the most out of everything I tried. It is a light-medium coverage so my favorite way to wear it when I need additional coverage is to add a little bit of Tarte's Shape Tape on the inner most corner and they work magically together.

BlushSense in Bronzer ($30) - This bronzer is a little warm for my taste and I don't particularly love liquid/cream bronzers, so instead I use it on my eyelid as a crease shade and it's perfect for that! Especially mixed with our Mulberry ShadowSense! And of course, also SUPER waterproof!

BlushSense in TerraCotta ($30) - Again, don't love cream blushes - it's just not my preference (mostly because I don't really like blush period) but this is my FAVORITE color of blush, it's a beautiful peachy/coral color.  This is also the most impressive of the bunch because blush fades REALLY quickly but because this is waterproof it really adheres to the skin and lasts all day.

ShadowSense in Sandstone Shimmer ($22) - Second favorite product from Senegence because of its versatility and staying power! I used this as both my all over lid shade AND my face highlighter and it was gorgeous (with 0 creasing or crunchiness by the end of the day). Yes, Yes, Yes.

ShadowSense in Onyx ($22) - A beautiful, blendable, rich, dark shade to take your look from daytime to evening by smoking out the outer crease and lash line but also doubles as waterproof liquid liner! Two for one, I like it!

If you're interested in trying ANY of these products, I have them ALL currently on hand and would love to get you started with some Senegence makeup or help you expand your current collection!

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