Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Monthly Misses: 7 Products I Will Not Repurchase

Good morning party people! Just kidding. It is 7am as I write this on my way to work. There's no party happening, BUT there IS our monthly misses. I know it's a favorite so without further adieu, here are all the disappointing products I encountered in the month of May:

Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon - I am probably the only person to ever not like these. And trust me, I wanted to love these - they come in two beautiful finishes (matte & metallic), the color range is incredible, they're super creamy, pigmented, and budge-proof when you swatch them on the back of your hand, and of course Marc Jacob nailed the packaging. All the makings of an eyeliner I should be obsessed with. But here's the scoop: the pigmentation did not communicate on my waterline at all. It was a hint of color. I'm not sure why because I've seen other people use them and not have that problem. But I tried three colors and none of them showed up for me so for $25 a pop, I had to return them.

Coty Airspun Translucent Extra Coverage Powder - I am convinced this is straight-up baby powder, repackaged, and the price doubled because the SMELL of this was nauseatingly strong. Seriously popped the lid off and baby powder scent punched me in the face. And you want me to put this near my eyeball to set my concealer?!... well, okay. I'll try anything once. And while it worked beautifully, the smell did not go away for HOURS.

Toofaced Creamy Peach Oil Lipgloss - "and anotha one" said Big E Smalls. The smell is like an artificial peach mixed with burning plastic. Horrendous.  If you don't already know, I have an aversion to most smells, you can read more about it HERE.  It is hydrating, pigmented, and non-sticky, which I like but I cannot get past the smell.

Urban Decay Vice Special Effect Long-Lasting Water-Resistant Lip Topcoat - Holy. Moly. Aside from the obnoxiously long name, this burned my lips so bad. Not like a LipSense alcohol burn but like an overly aggressive, pyromaniac lip plumper sting that didn't even volumize my lips. No thanks.

Pur Cosmetics Sponge - I received three of these in my April Boxy Charm (if you want to know more about this beauty subscription box, read HERE) and it's only okay. It's pretty stiff, even when damp, so the term "beating your face" hits too close to home. I like the flat edge for blending concealer but it's not the same bouncy, soft sponge that other companies provide.

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Illumination Cream - I never wanted to love a foundation so much. I've seen the infomercials, I know the coverage it provides, plus illumination and beneficial skincare ingredients?! Say no more. Sold. Except then I put it on... with a brush. Then a sponge. Then my hands. Look people, I gave it my all to make this ish work and you know what I got?! Makeup that broke up across my forehead and nose within 30min of wearing. It was HEINOUS. 

IT Cosmetics Confidence In Your Glow Palette - IT Cosmetics is a brand that I want to love, but I have only found two products that I'm truly obsessed with (you can read more about that HERE), and of course, their AMAZING brushes.  I already reviewed this product previously, you can read that HERE but the point is, I did not like this at all.

I know that some of these products are cult-favorites so if these work for you, keep getting down with your bad self. Trust me, I LOVE makeup - I will find excuses to keep it or do everything in my power to make it work but these products unfortunately did not make the cut.

** If you love any of these products, I'd love to hear why you love them in the comments XOXO! **


  1. Coty makes an unscented version. You can find it on Amazon. I've totally gotten used to the smell though

  2. There's no party happening, BUT there IS our monthly here