Friday, June 30, 2017

First Impressions Friday: Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette in "Pink Sands"

If you have been living under a rock, you may not have heard about Huda Katta - The OG makeup guru and YouTube influencer/blogger.   She recently expanded her Huda Beauty cosmetics line from just lashes and liquid lipsticks to now incorporate not one but TWO highlighter palettes, the 3D Highlighter Palettes, in Pink and Gold Sands.

On Huda's snapchat, she mentioned that one palette was designed for lighter skin and the other for darker skin, respectively.  She also commented on the highlighter palette's unique formulation: it is made with Shea butter and crushed pearls.  Therefore, it is supposed to have an ultra creamy, never powdery finish that does not emphasize texture and the crushed pearls add extra shine and dimension.

A little additional background on these palettes: there's four colors in each, one of which is a "melted strobe highlight," which is basically a cream highlight and contains 0.35oz, while the other three are powder formulas at 0.28oz each, all for $45.  Just for reference, Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfectors are also 0.28oz and retail for $38 EACH.  Overall, this highlighter palette is an AMAZING deal considering weight vs. price!

"So what's the deal with the '3D' part of the title?" Glad you asked! These four highlighters are meant to work together to create a 3D effect, meant to make your cheekbones POP! The melted strobe (Capri) is meant to be tapped on the top of the cheek bone as a base for the powder products. Next, you apply the lightest white iridescent shade (Santorini) directly on top of the cream.  Then you use the light gold color on the bottom left (Azores) just below it, essentially as a shimmering contour.  Lastly, you apply the pinky blush color (Ibiza) to the apples of the cheek... Cool concept, right?

But the real question, how does it apply and wear throughout the day?  In terms of formula, it is beautiful and they all perform perfectly.  The issue(s) I have is that the Pink Sands Edition that I purchased (pictured above) is the lightest of the two but that cream highlight color is too dark for me.  It creates a very obvious stripe across my cheek.  Yes, the white shade lightens it but it's still noticeable, which I don't like.   Also, I don't love that this was talked about like a groundbreaking product when it simply isn't.  It's essentially a cream highlight, powder highlight, contour (or darker highlight depending on your skin tone) and a luminous blush in one palette.

Do I think it's worth the money? Definitely. It's A LOT of stunning, high-quality product for only $45.  So if you're new to makeup or have clients of varying skintones, this could be perfect for you and/or your kit.  But if you have awesome highlighter palettes already, and you're more practical about spending money on makeup, you probably don't need this palette. But if you're a makeup collector, such as myself, you may want it for the beautiful packaging and versatility.

Do I think it's worth the hype? Absolutely not. While I do love the formula and appreciate Huda's attempt to create something unique, I don't notice it looking or feeling at all different on my face than my other favorites, such as Becca x Jaclyn Hill's Champagne Pop or Smashbox x Casey Holmes Spotlight Palette in Pearl.

** I hope this review was helpful. Is this palette on your list?! What are some of your favorite highlighters?! Leave it in the comments below XOXO **

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