Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What's the Fuss Wednesday: Diorskin Forever Perfect Foundation

Welcome to Ep. 2 of What's the Fuss (WTF) Wednesday, where I bring you reviews on insanely expensive products that are being raved about on social media and/ or YouTube to see if they're the high price tag. This week we're tackling a $50 foundation.... say WHAT?! Yeah. You read that right: FIFTY dollars. It's the Diorskin Forever Perfect Foundation.

If you haven't read My Favorite Foundations or my Holy Grail Products (well, you totally should) then you might not know that drugstore foundations are my preference. I have tried almost every single foundation from Sephora (except for super matte ones meant for oily skin because momma is Sahara dry)... not kidding. I started to believe I'd never be able to find a foundation that didn't separate on my forehead, cling to dry patches, or emphasize the texture on my cheeks. Cue drugstore foundation. Changed my makeup life!

Why am I telling you this? Because before we dive into this review, I want it to be known that I LOVE inexpensive, drugstore makeup... especially foundation.

With that being said....... GUYS THIS STUFF IS FREAKING INCREDIBLE!! Potential new holy grail - no joke. It looks just like your skin but way, way better. It has medium coverage, a natural finish (not matte or dewy), no weird smell and blends out to perfection! It doesn't emphasize my pores, fine lines, or texture. It blurs them right out. So gorgeous. The heavy square packaging with its frosted glass feels 

I first heard of this from my queen, Jaclyn Hill, but I was like, "Get a look at this bougie B and her $50 foundation *excessive eyeroll* get real lady! I'm ballin' on a budget over here!" Then she kept talking about it and her skin really did look flawless... so I went and got a sample... and I loved that sample... so I got another, "just to be sure," and I loved that, too. I must've swatched it in store THREE MORE TIMES before I finally pulled the trigger and purchased it.

And I'm so glad I did! Is it necessary? Absolutely not! but if you're a makeup addict like myself and you can spare the $50 for flawless skin, it's definitely worth the investment. More so than any other high-end foundation I've ever tried! BBPAD Approved!

** Have you tried this foundation? What's your favorite? Leave it in the comments XOXO **

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