Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday Spotlight: My Favorite Perfume!

I think perfume is probably the most personal beauty product on the market.  Everyone enjoys different, individual scents. Then when you start mashing two of those smells together, it either deters or entices someone.  But, of course, perfumes consist of way more than two ingredients.  In fact, perfumes have three layers,  and can have any number of "notes" in each layer.  Where a scent is placed within these layers and in what concentrations can change the overall fragrance.  This fun chemistry project gets even more complicated when you take into consideration that everyones pheromones interact with various scents differently, meaning the same perfume can smell totally different on two separate people.  CRAZY, RIGHT?!

I am typically drawn to fresh, mild floral, clean laundry-esque smells and/or warm, woodsy scents (think sandalwood, jasmine, and amber).  Anyone else a fan of these, too? Oh, and they can't be overpowering either.  I like to keep it light when it comes to perfume: too much musk reminds me of an old folks home and heavy floral makes me nauseous... And don't get me started on the price of them! Holy Crap! The price tag on most perfumes also makes me sick!

Fun fact about me: I normally do not like perfume.  Maybe it's because I worked at Victoria's Secret for three years as a Beauty Manager, so I spent a lot of time surrounded by one enormous, gag-worthy cloud of heavily concentrated, over-powering aromas.  So now I'm super sensitive to smells.... that's just a theory.  But needless to say, there are very few scents I actually enjoy and will wear.  In fact, I can count on one hand the number of bottles of perfume I have owned in this lifetime.

But today, I'm here to tell you about the ONLY ONE I have worn since the day I smelled it.  I am ABSOLUTELY obsessed with this fragrance and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has similar hang-ups about smells (or even if you don't).  Especially because it's hypoallergenic!  And only consists of one ingredient....

That's right, it's called: Not A Perfume by Juliette Has A Gun.  

It shouldn't come as a surprise that I fell in love with something titled "Not A Perfume," way before I even knew it's name. I first smelled it on my friend Taylor, who received it in her Ipsy Bag (if you want my opinion on the best beauty subscription boxes, click HERE).  Shortly thereafter, I kept seeing it as a free sample with purchase at for about a month.  So I continued choosing it and using it SO quickly.  I always get compliments while wearing it.  It smells like amber and clean laundry... Two of my favorites!  But never heavy or overpowering, no matter how much you spritz (and I can definitely go overboard sometimes).

** Have you tried this perfume before? What are some of your favorite scents? Leave it in the comments below! XOXO **

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