Monday, May 15, 2017

Review Day Tuesday: My Favorite Subscription Box!

I have gotten a lot of requests about what subscriptions boxes I've tried, loved or hated, and which I would recommend to my subscribers.  Well, the truth is, I have tried almost every makeup subscription box on the market - from various boxes offering small, sample sizes all the way up to packages containing multiple, full-sized products - and there is truly only ONE box I would recommend to you guys! ... And that is BOXYCHARM!

Let me give you some background: BoxyCharm is a subscription service that sends you four to five FULL-SIZED BEAUTY PRODUCTS for $21/month! However, in the almost year I've been subscribed to BoxyCharm, I don't know that I've ever gotten less than 5 products in a box.  As if that isn't incentive enough, the retail value of every single box is over $100... Let that sink in for a minute.  You pay less than a fifth of the price for high-quality, full-sized beauty products....  WHAT?! Beauty Lovers of the world unite!

What's even cooler about this subscription box is that you get reward points, called "charms," for every month you're subscribed that you can redeem to repurchase any of the products you've ever received AND other products from the same brands.  "So wait, I get a heavily discounted bundle of beauty products PLUS I can get additional free ones?!" Yes. Yes, that's what I am telling you.

Now, I know you're wondering, "Okay, what kinda [crap] products are they sending me each month?" Ah, my cynical little cherubs, let me reassure you: they only send higher-end brands and products, such as Butter London, PUR Cosmetics, Cargo, Ofra, and many more! I've honestly loved 90% of the products I've received - even from companies I have never heard of.

Here's a quick snapshot (with brief reviews) of the products I received in April:

- PUR Cosmetics Beauty Sponge 3-pack - they're definitely more dense than my favorite sponges, which you can read more about HERE, but what keeps me reaching for these sponges is their flat edge on the narrower side - perfect for under-eye concealing.

- Concealer Collection - a palette with 16 colors that covers most of the spectrum of skin colors.  While I wouldn't use this everyday because I am only one color, I put this right into my kit that I bring with me to do makeup for weddings because it is perfect for that!

- Ofra Cosmetics Highlighter in "Rodeo Drive" - a universally flattering color from a brand KNOWN for their incredibly beautiful, blinding, pigmented highlighters.  This is probably in My Top 5 products I have ever received from BoxyCharm.

- Project Beauty Hairgurt Smoothing Shampoo - this has a strawberry banana smoothie scent - not my favorite - and includes all natural ingredients without any harsh and/or toxic chemicals, which I love because I'm a total weirdo about my hair care (it's been excessively bleached, if you couldn't tell from how light my hair is in pictures).

- Cargo Cosmetics Lipgloss - This is a medium nude color with a moderate amount of light-reflecting shimmers. It's very pretty and I imagine would look good on basically everyone.

Still skeptical? Visit my fellow beauty-obsessed friend, Courtney of Carpenter Beauty Box, to catch a breakdown of this month's box, which was even better! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR PEOPLE?! Go treat yoself! It's always $21 well-spent, in my opinion... Here's my referral link one more time: BOXYCHARM

** What do you guys think about a Makeup Tutorial using only products and tools I've received in various BoxyCharm boxes over the past year? Leave it in the comments below XOXO **

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