Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Review Day Tuesday: LipSense Waterproof Liquid Lipstick!

Okay, so the backstory: when I first heard of this brand and/or product from my ssister, Christina, I thought, "oh my gosh, a waterproof, smudge-proof liquid lipstick?! SAY IT AIN'T SO!" And in an instant, I was contacting her friend, Crystal, who sells it (yes, it is an MLM - think Mary Kay or Avon - and I know there's a huge stigma around them, blah blah blah, but more on that later).  I ordered the shade "Apple Cider" (a pinky-peachy-nude) and the "Glossy Gloss," a high-shine, moisturizing gloss that seals the color and prevents fading.

It arrived yesterday and I immediately tore open the package to look at the magical product... and it came with two pieces of paper: one was a "Lip Color Tips" that had a few care suggestions for both your lips and the product, and the other was a "How to Apply" with SEVEN STEPS (yes, seven)... This was the first sign that something was not quite right...  I don't know about you, but the last time I popped open a box from Sephora that housed a liquid lipstick, it did not come with the same lengthy instructions.

"Eh, whatever. If it's the best liquid lipstick, the extensive steps will be worth it!" I thought.  I was still so excited! I had heard so many great things! So I snapped a pic for my Instagram story and got SO many replies wondering about #LipSense, and looking forward to this post, because there is definitely a buzz going around on social media about it.  So, naturally I was PUMPED to put this on the blog for you guys today.

When I got to work, I had a few minutes before my day began so I thought, "Let's test this baby out!" But I quickly realized that I had forgotten the instruction manual at home... However, I've used a million liquid lips, so I figured I had this under control......  BOY, WAS I WRONG! I first applied it and thought, "Um is this even a color? It just looks like my natural lips..." So before letting it dry,  I tried to apply another coat to intensify it and it dragged the color all over my lips, leaving huge "bald patches" 😑...  not impressed.  

Then I tried to rub my lips together to spread it around more evenly .... DISASTER. This made it worse and nearly glued my lips together, it was so sticky! "Okay, I'll let it dry and then put the gloss over it to rewet it," I thought, but as it was drying the most intense BURNING SENSATION spread across my lips and in this moment, I have had ENOUGH with this product and I'm ready to put it in a rocket launcher, straight to the moon because I officially hate it.

I messaged Crystal (the girl I purchased it from) asking if I can have a refund and she told me I would be her first return ever (and she's very successful in this business) because everyone always loves it so I said, "okay maybe I'm doing something wrong, can you resend me the directions?" When I read them, I realized I had made some critical errors so I told her I would try again.  This time, I followed the steps verbatim and it was exponentially better but I still had I some problems: not pigmented enough, some patchiness still, and I was having a hard time getting past the spicy feeling that occurred during all THREE layers (part of the rules, I didn't arbitrarily make that up).

I explained these concerns to Crystal once again and she was THE BEST about it! She replied instantly, she tried to trouble shoot with me, she was so understanding of my disappointment, she sincerely apologized, she offered to refund me or send me a new color, anything she could do to make me more satisfied. I was so thankful for how well she handled my dissatisfaction. I felt valued and I liked that. She was honestly the best part of my Lipsense experience and that is why I personally don't mind MLMs. I know everyone has their own opinions about them but being able to talk to a real person that I actually know and know who I am giving my money to is so much more satisfying than giving it to an unknown face or further feeding corporate America.

Anyways, Crystal also explained that this was a really difficult first color and was willing to send me any other color that my heart desired to give it a second chance so I agreed. Therefore, this long-winded post is somewhat inconclusive until I can give the second color (Sassy Z) a try! I hope you enjoyed my always honest first impression / review of this product and I look forward to giving it another go in the near future! 

** Have you ever tried this product? Leave your experience and/or favorite colors in the comments below! I can't wait to hear about it XOXO **


  1. I have that color Sassy Z, yes it shows up better, it's not my favorite. I liked the idea of it lasting all day too, it only lasts if you reapply the gloss all day, well to me if I by one color of a different brand and reapply all day, it's lasting (haha)
    Not super impressed- I like my Kylie better it's prettier. Still looking for the perfect long lasting lipstick 💄

    1. I am excited to try Sassy Z, its pretty! I just hope it doesn't disappoint me again! I am currently on the hunt for products that have the same claims as Lipsense to test if they are better, worse, or the same! stay tuuuuned :)