Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Review Day Tuesday: LipSense, Round 2!

Alright guys, the time has finally come! As promised, I am back this Tuesday to re-review the LipSense liquid lipstick.  In case you missed the original debacle, you can read it in-full HERE (which I would highly recommend before continuing).

So, I decided this time I would order three colors - one in each finish: matte, shimmer, and frost - and wear each of them a few times prior to giving a full review, just to make sure I had given each color / each finish a fighting chance to impress me... and what's really crazy is they actually did, BIG TIME!

Let me start with the positives:
1. You get A LOT of product in a tube of LipSense.  You could wear it probably everyday for 6 months without running out because you use so little for each application.

2. It is legit TRANSFER-PROOF. In fact, I went to Chipotle for lunch with a friend of mine (who also loves makeup) and she continuously stared at my mouth while I ate a salad and drank a diet coke.  Just as I was starting to get self-conscious, she says, "What lipstick are you wearing? And why isn't it going anywhere? It's not even on your straw!"  Which was true.  Despite having oily salad dressing and drinking soda, the color did not budge or transfer AT ALL.

3.  It is SO long-lasting.  One day, I applied the product at 11am, fell asleep in it that night, and woke up at 7am with it fully in tact.  Don't worry, I came with pictures to prove it.

Left: Immediately after application @ 11am.
Right: Walking the dog @7am (still in PJs).

1 x "Sassy Z," 2 x "Pink Champagne"
Topped with Opal Gloss
4.  Because it takes three thin layers to get full pigmentation, you can create a custom color every single day.  Meaning you can use a different color for each layer and it doesn't mess up the final product but it does give you the opportunity to make something perfect for YOU! The combinations are endless!

5. The colors are super wearable.  There is a neutral or bold color for any occasion.  I wore a coral color, called "Luv It," and was never self-conscious that it was too bright or unflattering.  I've had that experience with all of the colors I have tried.

And, of course, the minor negatives:
1. It is a little bit high maintenance at first.  It definitely takes some practice to get used to applying this product because it is different than any other liquid lipstick I have ever owned.

2. It has to be worn with the gloss on top or it will dry out your lips and crack and crumble in a not so flattering way.  Good news though, even the gloss is long-lasting and a little goes a long way.

3. It does have a weird burning/tingling sensation that will catch you off guard the first few times you use it. It is not unbearable by any means, just a little uncomfortable! But it goes away after about the third use.

With that being said, I have decided to become a LipSense distributor! I feel very passionate about this product because of how much it impressed me.  If I still had the same mixed feelings I had the first time I tried it, I would not be selling it.  I think for every avid coffee drinker, person on-the-go who doesn't have time for constant touch-ups, or those who have been embarrassed by lipstick on their teeth, fret not friends! I have the answer for you and it is Senegence's LipSense!

** If you're interested in grabbing a couple colors to try for yourself or have any questions, please let me know in the comments! XOXO **

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