Sunday, May 7, 2017

KKW x KYLIE Cosmetics

I know it's Sunday, and typically this is the day of the week that I spotlight one of my favorite products that I am so obsessed with, I just have to share it with you... but today, I am interrupting your regularly scheduled program to bring you something fresh, something new, something everyone's losing their MINDS over .... We are changing things up a bit so I can be the first to tell you ALL ABOUT the hot-off-the-press, super-hyped KKW x Kylie Cosmetics Collection!

If you've been absent on any social media for the past month, then maybe you don't know about the newest release from Kylie Jenner's makeup line, aptly named Kylie Cosmetics, where she collaborated with her uber-famous sister, Kim Kardashian West.  This collection consists of FOUR of Kim's most sought-after "nudes" in a creme liquid lipstick: a brand-new formula for the cosmetic company and it costs $45.

It comes in the most STUNNING packaging I have ever seen. The box is a matte pinky-nude with glossy, true-nude letters that spell out "KKW by Kylie Cosmetics" stamped on the front.   The back details the names of the colors, from lightest to darkest, "Kimberly, Kim, Kiki, Kimmie," along with the list of ingredients.  The actual liquid lipstick is packaged inside a frosted tube with a twist-off top that is the same glorious matte pinky-nude as the box and says "KKW" across the front.  Hands down my favorite packaging from Kylie Cosmetics, if not any company ever. Seriously, it is gorgeous.

Now, for the review of the actual product: the formula is unlike any liquid lipstick I have ever tried!  It is comfortable, creamy, and super-hydrating; probably because it is not a long-wear or matte formula.  It also does not have the traditional Kylie-Cosmetics-nauseatingly-sweet-cupcake scent, which I like because I would personally prefer it without. I truly love this formula.

However, the major downside of this collection is the colors: the packaging and description of the colors are deceiving.  If you are expecting a collection of true, universally flattering nudes that slightly resemble the packaging, you will be sorely mistaken.  All of the colors have an intense peach undertone.  In fact, the second lightest color, "Kim," reminds me of a creamsicle because it is almost orange.  The first color is a very light nude that resembles a hair-too-dark-for-you concealer. Definitely my least favorite of the four.  Don't get me wrong, the colors are nice! Just not at all what I was expecting, hence the disappointment.

So overall, do I think this is worth the money? It depends what you're looking for.  If you LIKE super peachy nudes, then yeah! Especially if you're a sucker for gorgeous packaging and a comfortable formula, such as myself.  If you are more of a true-nude kinda person and that's what you wanted from this collection, then it probably is not worth spending nearly $50 on.

If you're interested in reading reviews about other Kylie Cosmetics products, I have also reviewed her Kylighters and Blushes and I must admit, my first impressions of these might surprise you!

** I hope this review was helpful.  Is it on your wish list?  Leave it in the comments below! XOXO **


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