Friday, May 12, 2017

First Impressions Friday: Tarte Cosmetics!

You just read the title of this post and probably thought to yourself, "You've never used products from Tarte before?!"  Now, what kind of makeup addict would I be if I hadn't used anything from Tarte?! I have used and LOVED many products from this company before so let me explain:

Last week, Tarte ran an online-only, one-day special where you could customize a makeup bag with SIX full-sized products for only $60... and they included products from their limited edition Unicorn Collection... Let me give you a minute to put your eyeballs back into your head because they probably just fell out from the shock and/or excitement.

Anyways, I decided to jump on this awesome deal to pick up products I had never used before (especially the limited edition stuff) so I could test it out and let you know if they're must-haves or not before they run out!  So to fill up my unicorn-colored makeup bag (which is absolutely stunning by the way), I chose:

Double Duty Beauty Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation in "Light Neutral" - This is the DEWIEST foundation I have ever used and I have wicked dry skin so that was awesome! Also, it has medium coverage, that you could build up to just about full coverage in the areas that need it.  Overall, I really love the product and will definitely use again; my only complaint is that I am obviously in denial about just how fair-skinned I really am, so this was actually a shade (or two) too dark and made me ORANGE. That's no fault of Tarte, just one of the hardships of shopping for foundation online.

Lights, Camera, Flashes Statement Mascara - Clearly I have a problem because I am subconsciously partial to torture-device-looking wands but HERE'S ANOTHER ONE THAT I LOVE!  I think I prefer this to the original, which is one of my favorite high-end mascaras. It is lengthening, volumizing, no clumps, ultra pigmented, and extra-glossy.

Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in "Captivating" - I already love this formula. My holy grail blush is in the color "Exposed" (you can read more about it HERE) but I had never tried this color: an Allure 2015 Reader's Choice winning bright peach.  I've been wanting to do a monochromatic, peachy, glowy, summery tutorial (yes, you read that right - keep your eyes peeled) so I picked this up and I really like it! However, be warned: the pigmentation is INTENSE with this one! Tap, tap, tap that brush off and go in very lightly or you will be Bozo the Clown in no-time!

Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in "Get it!" - Staying with the peachy theme, this is a beautiful apricot- nude color and I love it.  It's a new formula for me and it is surprisingly light-weight and comfortable for a matte liquid lipstick. I will definitely be purchasing this in other colors.

Limited-Edition Clay Pot Waterproof Shadow Liner in "Crystal Ball" - I also have this in "Rose Gold," but I've never used it.  The variety of colors are beautiful and the thing I like best about these is that even though they're considered liners, they make even better long-lasting, budge-proof cream shadows.

Concealer and Finishing Powder Brush - This is so much smaller than I thought it would be.  Calling it a "finishing powder brush" is deceiving - it would take you an hour just to put powder all over your face to set your makeup. However, it would make an excellent contour brush.  One end is similar to my favorite contour brush (read more HERE) and the other end would be perfect for nose contour, if you're into that.

Amazonian Clay Highlighter in "Stunner" - This was a bonus for being signed up for Tarte's rewards program (totally worth it).  It is a deluxe sample and is about half the weight of the full-size product. It is described as an "opalescent highlight" and it looks pinky-nude in the pan but has an intense metallic silver shift.  It's pretty, but a smidge too cool-toned and sparkly for my liking.

My must-haves from this haul are definitely the mascara and liquid lipstick.

** What are you going to run out and purchase? What are your favorite Tarte products that I need to try? Leave it in the comments below! XOXO **

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