Friday, May 26, 2017

First Impressions Friday: IT Cosmetics' Confidence in Your Glow Palette with the Wonder Brush

In case you didn't know, IT Cosmetics has two of my favorite products (you can read more about them HERE) so when I saw that they came out with a bronzer, blush, and highlight ombre palette, I knew I had to give it a try! To kick it up a notch, they also launched a skincare-infused brush to apply it with. SAY WHAT?!  Okay, consider it done.
I ordered mine from QVC while they were having a special because you could get both products for only $35 but when purchased separately at Ulta, they cost $80 - talk about a steal! In fact, QVC is always a great way to test out products AND save money, especially with IT Cosmetics (money saving tips from BBPAD).

My first thoughts when I unboxed this bad boy was, "OMG I LOVE THE PACKAGING"! It's ombre, like the product inside, mixed with holographic. Basically my dream come true. There is also a shiny, silver "IT Cosmetics" medallion on the front that acts as a weight to keep the palette closed, but it was beautifully done. There could not be a more perfect package for a palette.  Stunning!  The first product I tried was the highlighter which was subtle but added a beautiful glow to the face without sparkles... that's always a win in my book!  I popped open the brush next, super soft with a heavy handle.  It felt so luxurious!  

But that's just about where the positivity ends.  I got the "Warm Glow" palette - heavy emphasis on warm.  Both the blush and bronzer in this palette were SO ORANGE, I felt like an Oompa Loompa. Not to mention, it was so pigmented that it was difficult to blend out, especially given the skinny brush it came with! 

This palette / brush combo claims to be "a skin-transforming compact that delivers your all-over blush, bronzer, and highlighter - in one sweep!" Due to the shape of the brush, I think the expectation is that you could swipe across the product and then swipe it onto your cheek. But the brush is smaller than the width of the pan if you moved top to bottom to pick up the three colors separately on the brush.  And it doesn't make sense to go left to right because it blends all the colors together and becomes one big, muddy mess. This is also not an ideal shaped brush for bronzer; perfect for contour but given how warm the bronze shade is, I can't imagine it being a flattering color for anyone.

I find the idea of this palette / brush duo to be interesting but the execution was poorly done.  It seems gimmicky and not easy to use. Overall, I wouldn't recommend this palette or brush.  Beautiful packaging but when only 1 out of 3 shades works and it is $80, it's just NOT worth the money. Not BBPAD Approved.

** Let me know if you've tried these products in the comments! XOXO **

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