Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday Spotlight: Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art

This is more of an impromptu "Sunday Spotlight" topic because I had something else planned entirely for tonight... but I tried a new drugstore product on Friday morning and by Friday night, I was pulling into Ulta to buy it in every color because it is THAT GOOD!  It is creamy. It is sparkly. It stays put ALL DAY. And the best part? It honestly just might be the most gorgeous product I have ever used from the drugstore...
Color: "Topaz Twinkle"

With no further adieu, I present to you: the Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art! This is a cream shadow and glitter liner duo.  It comes in a variety of 10 colors, from stunning neutrals to beautiful, bold brights. It's $8.99 for 0.1 oz.  The cream shadow side reminds me of Milk Makeup's Eye Pigment (0.37oz for $24), which I am absolutely obsessed with!  While the glitter liner side reminds me of Stila's Magnificant Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow (0.15oz for $24), another favorite product of mine. 

While at first glance the Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art seems like the cheaper product, Milk Makeup's Eye Pigment is actually the best value: Assuming the cream shadow is half the total weight (0.05oz) of the full product (0.1oz) because it is double-sided, that's roughly $9 for 0.1oz of product. Meanwhile Milk Makeup's is 0.1oz for only $6.50 - meaning you get nearly four times as much product and only pay three times the price. 

However, if you are new to glitters or cream shadows and aren't ready to dive in to the high price tag of the Sephora-exclusive brand, the Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art is an inexpensive but high-quality way to try it out!

PhotoReady Eye Art is Sophie APPROVED!

** Have you tried this product or others like it? What are your thoughts? Leave it in the comments below! XOXO**

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