Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday Spotlight: My Top Secret Acne Spot Treatment

... Curious, are we?  What if I told you that this acne remedy was also naturally derived from plants and completely organic?  Even more intrigued now?

Well, today, I am going to share with you the single best spot treatment product I have ever used in my entire life because let's face it, PIMPLES SUCK!  I get hormonal cystic acne on my chin (thanks, Mother Nature - you're a real gem) and  this is the only thing that has ever worked at shrinking them in a timely fashion.  It also works on your typical emerging pimples as well. Whether you a have full-fledged, raging whitehead, or just the beginning stages of a blemish, this will help to minimize redness, clear out the clogged pore, and reduce inflammation / pain.  Did I mention it also smells SO GOOD?!

Well, here it is: Young Living's Purification Oil.  It is a special concoction of Citronella, Lavandin, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Myrtle and Tea Tree.

Now, you've probably heard people raving about the effects of Tea Tree Oil for acne prone skin or using it mixed with water as a spot treatment but THIS magical six-some of essential oils is EVEN BETTER! You just rub a teeny, tiny drop on all of your spots and BOOM! By morning, you'll have clearer, less irritated / painful skin. You're welcome.

Oh, and in case you were curious - this miracle essential oil has two other uses I find particularly useful: I mix 10 drops with 20 ounces of water and 20 drops of coconut oil, and it makes for the perfect stink-be-gone spray for your beloved pup! Sophie Luna, with all her skin folds and such, usually smells like an old bag of Fritos or sweaty feet (you know what I'm talking about) but I spray her down with this stuff every few days and instantly she smells like new!

Lastly, but on the same topic of getting rid of hideous odors, this is also my favorite oil to diffuse.  I mix 6 drops of this with 3 drops of orange and it is the best air freshener you have ever used - minus all the harsh, toxic chemicals. YAY for improving your quality of life while simultaneously cleaning your face, your dog, and the air in your home.

** If you're interested in purchasing some Young Living Purification Oil, click HERE (my member number is 2938648) or leave a comment down below and I'll hook you up! XOXO **

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  1. Going to try this, thank you! I've been using Tea Tree and Geranium without much luck so any tips are appreciated.