Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Monthly Misses: 9 (More) Products I Will NOT Repurchase!

Alright guys, we're back at it again: round TWO of products I tried out that really disappointed me this month! This time, I've included both drugstore and high end products.  My hope is that my not-so-pleasant experience with a few new and/or popular products spares you the same disappointment! Let's jump right in:

1. Ulta Eyebrow Gel in "Light" - I don't know who at Ulta is in charge of naming their brow products but consider this a formal complaint: the name of this particular product is QUITE deceiving... This ish is DARK! For dark-haired gals, it will probably work perfectly for you but anyone with hair lighter than medium brown - you are SOL with this product. #GrouchoMarx

2. Belif Aqua Bomb Sheet Mask - If you've read my current skincare routine (HERE) or saw my Sephora VIB Rouge Sale suggestions on Instagram, then you know I LOVE me some Belif products. So naturally, this product seemed like a winner. Even the packaging was cool: you have to squeeze the bag it comes in to release the special juices onto the cotton sheet mask.  Then shake it around violently (or gently massage as the package indicates) for 30 seconds to make sure the cotton is saturated..... Only it won't be. Why?  Because there isn't enough liquid product to actually penetrate all the layers of folded up cotton. I don't know about you, but a half wet paper towel cut out slapped on your face for 10min just isn't that appealing to me.

3. IT Cosmetics CC+ Illumination Foundation - of all the products I will discuss today, this is the one I truly WANTED to love and tried like hell to make it work but sadly, it just didn't.  It blended beautifully and had a dewy, full-coverage finish.  But 5 minutes after putting it on, it started to break up and separate across my entire forehead.  Not cool. Or cute.

4.  Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam -  If I could go back and include this in my Battle of the Dry Shampoo post, it would get a crap score on all accounts. This products is a big bag of dog - no, HORSE doo-doo!  My hair did not look much cleaner, if at all, and it only gave me a mild amount of lift but this is not some Earth shattering product like every Youtube Influencer swears it is.  For $28, you can keep it Sephora and I'll stick with my beloved $6 dry shampoo.

5. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer - Another over-hyped product that I really struggled to enjoy.  I have severely dry under eyes and this accentuated that completely. Maybe I got a bad batch or something because I'm pretty sure I am the only person on the planet who doesn't hyperventilate over this. Perhaps with a super-hydrating under eye moisturizer I could make this work but when I have three drugstore concealers that are under $10 and do not require the extra step,  what's the point?  I will add that it DOES have incredible coverage, so for someone with really dark under eyes, this could be magical. But for simply brightening up the face? PASS.

6. Smashbox Always On Gel Eyeliner in "Bubbly" -  This did not show up on me AT ALL.  Easy to be "always on" when its a figment of my imagination.   I have never tried this is any other colors so I can't speak for the rest of the line- they could be amazing like many Smashbox products are but based on that first impression, I'm not running out to try the others.

7.  NARS Eye Pencil -  I must be allergic to an ingredient in this product because the itch and burn I experienced gliding this onto my waterline was TERRIBLE!  The pigment was excellent from what I could tell but OUCH! Never again.

8.  NYC Liquid Liner - Many Youtube Influencers absolutely rave about this product but similar to my experience with the NARS eyeliner, this was equally as spicy on the eye.  I had to take it off immediately because the burn was actually unbearable.  Hard pass on this one for me.

9.  Physician's Formula Butter Blush in "Natural Glow" - more like "Natural No!" This did not show up at all on my skin, like ZERO pigment, except for an ever-so-slight hint of glimmer smeared across my cheek and not in a cute potential highlighter way.  I was totally expecting this to be a NARS "Orgasm" blush dupe and it just wasn't much of anything.  However, it does share the same magical vacation scent as the PF Butter Bronzer, which is my holy grail. And luckily, the other color of this blush, "Plum Rose" is one of my favorites, so not all hope is lost!

If you enjoyed this review of products I will not repurchase, you can read the original post HERE.

** I hope this review was helpful and I apologize if you love any of these products, they just did not work for me! No hard feelings! XOXO **

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