Friday, April 21, 2017

First Impressions Friday: Victoria's Secret Liquid Lipsticks

Now, you're probably thinking, "wait, what? Did I miss something? I thought Victoria's Secret specialized in bras and undies?!" And you would be correct! However, they have always had a much smaller, beauty collection, too! But as of recently, they have started carrying liquid lipsticks and metallic glosses.

Naturally, as I was standing in line to checkout for sweatpants, and was surrounded by everything sparkly, VS-embossed, and/or miniature-sized, the gorgeous display of brand-new lip products caught my eye. Then I saw the marketing that read, "buy two, get one free" and I thought, "okay VS, you don't have to tell me twice!" And just like that, three colors made their way into my basket.


"Rose Gold" Metallic Glow Lip Shine - a pinky-bronze gloss with gold flecks and a metallic finish.

"Perfection" Matte Velvet Cream Lip Stain - a dark nude liquid lipstick with red undertones.

"Adored" Matte Velvet Cream Lip Stain - a pinky-nude liquid lipstick with grey undertones

They are $14 a piece, or $28 for three, which is a great price! The formula of the liquid lipsticks is very creamy but matte, just like the name implies.  It's very comfortable but does not dry down completely, therefore it is NOT transfer proof but that's okay with me because I'd rather my lips feel comfy in something they are going to wear all day than feel like every ounce of moisture has been sucked out of them. My only complaint is that they are streaky and require more than one coat, but this also doesn't bother me because they layer nicely, which covers up any patchiness. Overall, I really like the product and would most likely repurchase.

The gloss is also $14 and part of the BOGO free deal.  The formula is mostly opaque, creamy, not-sticky and super high-shine.  This gloss is probably my favorite of the bunch - it is just SO pretty.  I can imagine it looking incredible in the summer with a lot of glowy, bronzed features...

Tutorial anyone?! Leave it in the comments below XOXO