Friday, March 31, 2017

First Impressions Friday: Smashbox X Casey Holmes Spotlight Palette in "Pearl"

Available at Sephora, Ulta, and Smashbox for $35.
First Impressions Friday is coming back at you for a ROUND TWO! On this week's agenda we have the highly-anticipated, beautifully-packaged Smashbox X Casey Holmes Spotlight Palette in "Pearl."  Yes, another highlight.  The question is, "Is it worth the hype?"  I've only tried a few Smashbox products before and I've liked them, but this is definitely the most excited I have been for a product launch from Smashbox.  I mean, look at it! It is stunning. The first highlighter in the palette is a light champagne gold, the middle is more of a rose gold with peachy undertones, and the last is a medium pinky-nude with loads of gold glitter.

For starters, I absolutely LOVE Casey Holmes, Youtube influencer and makeup guru, so I wanted to support her with her collaboration.  But also, in her collab reveal video, she mentioned that the formula of her highlighters are creamy (not chalky), pigmented, and blinding with 0 glitter in 2 out of the 3 colors.  And the best part? It doesn't emphasize cheek texture!  It sounds too good to be true, am I right?!  It is everything anyone could ever want in a highlighting palette... or is it?

I have to admit, I was skeptical when I first purchased the palette because that is a LOT of claims - especially the part about being blinding yet not unflattering over large pores or texture... But I was pleasantly surprised!  I love the way it looks on my skin! Mostly because it actually looks like ultra-glowy SKIN.  However, I will probably never use the last shade "Blow a Fuse Pearl" .... why? BECAUSE YOU GUESSED IT! It is FULL of glitter *cue gagging noises.*

If you can get past the fact that only two of the three colors may work for you as a highlight, then I would definitely recommend it.  I love the first two so much, it doesn't really bother me.   Plus, with a little mist & fix, the third shade would be a gorgeous eyeshadow.  BBPAD Approved!

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